Friday, January 6, 2012

There's music and there's music

The squeezette is that rarest of creatures, at least in my world - a woman who maintains an active interest in music. Walk into your house and here's what you get:
Loungeroom: 10 racks of albums (shared), one dual turntable plugged into the sound system via a pre amp. General view of all visitors: Cool. Just in case that doesn't do it, there is some 100 plus gbs of music on two hard drives hooked up to the TV along with 20 plus music videos.
Rest of the house is covered by various ipods, nanos and ipods lying around. Go out to the garage and there is a 200 disk cd player shovelling sound out through a NAD amplifier and a couple of cerwin vega speakers that some guy who knows a friend of mine was throwing out.
So what's the problem? The squeezette hates jazz. She has Tupac by the gross, I have Miles Davis. She calls jazz a competition to see who can make the most cacophonic noise, I hate the violence that Tupac and his little buddies spit out. I could listen to Spanish Key a hundred times and still hear something different, the squeezette would threaten me with a knife within ten seconds. So it is that on the subject of jazz never the twain shall meet.
I was barbecuing before to the sounds of Keith Jarrett live at the Blue Note, which by the way if you haven’t heard it the 26 minute version of Autumn Leaves is a must before you die. The squeezette’s response: get that shit off. My hands were full so she took matters into her own hands and pressed next on the remote which is set to random: John Fogerty and the Blue Ridge Rangers - She thinks I still care. This was acceptable for a minute plus while she was in jazz recovery mode.
Which brings us to tonight's top 10 which as you can understand from the preceding comments is restricted to being listened to over the headphones. Exhumation - Nils Petter Molvaer
Modul 42 - Nil Bartsch's Ronin
Definition of a dog - Ebjorn SvenssonTrio
Draw Near - Tord Gustavson Trio
One Day I'll Fly Away - Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden
Rue Du Depart - Anouar Brahem
Summer Day - Metheny Hehldau
Ode to the Big Sea - Cinematic Orchestra
Stella by Starlight - Miles Davis
River - Herbie Hancock

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  1. I seriously can't see the problem concerned... That hillbilly jazz is an aquired taste. I'd recommend you stick to your headphones for a life of bliss.
    PS: Tupac was a God.